Hilfe beim Suchen

We developed Liever to quickly give you overview & inspiration – with the least hassle possible.

Tip 1. Looking for more specific results?

Every single image in our database has been tagged by professionals. Tags effectively act as selection criteria. How does it work? Use the filters on the left hand side to finetune your results by color, shape, style, atmosphere or product. For example – if you’re going for a classic, vibrant atmosphere, you should click “classic” (in styles) and “vibrant” (in atmospheres). Try it, there are tens of thousands of possible results!

Tip 2. Not enough results?

If you end up with a smaller selection than you’d like, you can “unselect” tags easily by crossing them out as they appear above the search results. Like this: contemporary

Tip 3. Know exactly what you’re looking for?

Great – simply use the search box. It’s pretty intelligent and can handle most synonyms. This way, you can quickly access images of…

Tip 4. Does a certain image strike a chord?

Click on “similar images” to discover more in the same style. You’ll find that button in the menu underneath each image – it’s a useful tool to discover images that share that same gut feeling as the one you liked.

Tip 5. Want to save a certain image, or share it with friends?

Create an ideabook to save your favorites. Creating an ideabook is also a great way to

  • show your favorite moods & styles to anybody you like,
  • get a sense of how a stylist would describe your taste,
  • to automatically discover more stuff that matches your taste.

Try it, it works pretty well!

If you want to get started, we suggest you navigate to the photo overview page.