About Liever

Our home used to be filled with stacks of glossy design magazines and inspiring coffee table books. We used to love browsing through them. We always used to wonder: why can’t we do the same on the web?

So that’s why we created Liever: just to get inspired!

Liever.com is like an instantly gratifying glossy magazine endowed with the magic of the web: it’s huge, always up-to-date, with all images comprehensively tagged so you never lose track of your taste.

It’s window shopping without moving your feet.

Planning to buy something that you’d like to look at first? Visiting Liever will save you time and money. Cut back on the car trips; no more eye strains from fruitless cross-website-comparison-sessions… And best of all – no more tired feet.

We will link you to sites & shops that sell the stuff you like, but we don’t sell anything ourselves.

Discover your taste – and share it.

Every picture in the database is professionally tagged. Add images to your personal ideabook and learn how you a stylist would describe your taste! Use Liever to share your favorite images across social networks. And, best of all, share images with your friends and loved ones to see where your tastes converge.

Liever keeps on searching.

Our staff adds new photos weekly, ranging from the well-known to the obscure. If you're interested, read more about our team.