Liever Pix @ your site

If you're a blogger, or if you maintain a website about anything design related... You can liven up the proceedings by automatically embedding Liever's latest images.

It's really easy.

STEP 1: Figure out the amount of pixel width available on your site; for example, 400 pixels.

STEP 2: Determine the Liever images you'd like to have. All of it? Just kitchens? (a href="") Only peaceful atmospheres? (a href="")

If you've found your page, copy the web address displayed in your browser's address bar. Put “/embed” behind it.

STEP 3: Add this code to your HTML:

Just to make sure:

ADDRESS = your internet URL from STEP 2, with http:// in front and “/embed” behind it.

WIDTH = the desired width in pixels (the recommended max is 663 pixels)

That's it! It should work now.

This little widget should automatically refresh when the Liever staff adds new images related to your slelection. Drop us a line if you've added our pix to your site, so we can give you a shoutout from our blog!